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Trying to Update Gal Civ II

Published on Monday, March 5, 2018 By totenstill In Galactic Civilizations II

Hey everyone,


I just found my original copy of Gal Civ II Gold Edition in its original jewel case from way back in 2006 when I first got it.
I was hoping to install it and update it -- a friend of mine who was playing it said that there had been some major updates for the game.
After I installed it, I associated it with Steam so that I could play it via the launcher, and when I went to update the game, it informed me that it couldn't connect to the internet. When I tried updating it without using my login credentials I got a similar error. I decided to go to the Stardock website hoping to register it with my account, but received a message that the CD key is invalid. 
I'm thinking that due to the age of the game, it might be registered on an old email account (which I don't have access to anymore), but find that unlikely as I never use to register my games to my email. (Still a possibility of course)
Has anyone else had a similar issue, or perhaps know of a work around?
I've been looking for one for the better part of two hours now, and am at a bit of a dead end.