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Intrigue Journal #4: So you say you want a revolution?

Published on Tuesday, April 3, 2018 By Frogboy In GalCiv III Dev Journals

We have previously discussed the perils of running a galactic civilization.  People living hundreds of light years away from their home world will have relatively little interest in the political intrigues of the capital.  That’s where the government types come in.

What is the best type of government for your civilization? There is no right answer.

Let’s work through a scenario and how it might play out.  The star Procyon is 11 light years away from Earth. 


Procyon A is 11 light years from Earth.

We colonize it and begin the year of multi-planetary government.


How do we want to organize our multi-planetary government?



We humans get two choices: Colonial and Imperial

We always say we are for X and against Y.  But in practice, governments tend to do things that are in their own best interests. 

So you decide:

  1. Colonial: Pro: Private contractors can send out missions which can get you money and resources.  Con: You have to deal with elections.
  2. Imperial: Pro: No elections and a 20% boost to ship production and +1 moves.  Con: You can’t send out missions and people don’t like you as much.

In the comments, you let us know.  Which one is better? And under what circumstances?

When I play, I half-roleplay and half play to win.  In this game, I’m choosing Colonial because I do tend to use missions a great deal and I know I will be with this government type for at least half a game-year (26 weeks).

The value of missions

Missions are only available if you already have the Crusade expansion (which, if you play Galactic Civilizations, you should definitely get).  The idea is that I don’t want to feel like I have to build any old crap just to avoid wasting manufacturing.  Thus, you can turn your factories over to private industry and let them (and by them, I really mean you) send out missions that result in you getting a cut of the profits.


Treasure? Why would I want treasure?



Oh…because I built a bunch of expensive starbases right off the bat and now I need the money…

Alternatively, I could just raise taxes.  But if I do that, my approval will go way down and if I lose the election, a coalition government is formed which is very…non-optimal. 

Thus, the colonial government provides an alternative to higher taxes: the free market.  By contrast, the imperial government doesn’t have elections, so I can just tax the heck out of people with fewer consequences.

Our first election

Our low tax strategy means happier people.  Happier people are more productive and provide a super-majority in the senate.


Super majority control of the senate means only good things for my government


One size does not fit all

Each government has a limit on the number of colonies you can have before it starts to generate unrest.  Within 46 weeks, my fast-growing civilization already has 5 colonies.


My colonial government has already outlived its usefulness.


Even on Ashley’s World my approval is only at 40%.


People are getting unhappy

Your approval rating is very straightforward, even if it is just a bunch of numbers.  Each point of population requires a point of morale to be fully satisfied.  Various things generate morale, and some things will take morale away (like taxes and too many colonies).

At 40% approval, this planet’s growth is shrunk some (which is fine, it’s already at capacity) but a bit more troubling is the influence growth which, if left unchecked, will result in my civilization falling behind the others in spreading its culture.


A more perfect union


At week 46, my people want a government that can handle larger civilizations

The two viable options are:

  1. Media Assimilation.  We basically hand everything over to our cultural leaders.  It’s very powerful.  25 points per planet (not %, actual full on points) of influence.  If you’re going for an influence victory or have a strong tourism industry, this is the way to go.  Now you can be Space France.  The downside? You can’t declare war anymore!
  2. Information Oligarchy. This unlocks the galactic market and gives you a morale boost.  The galactic market is very powerful and combined with the unique ship can help make your money problems go away, provided you have a lot of good resources.

Once again: Which one?

They are both very fun to play with.  I do like to win through cultural domination.  But I also really want access to the galactic market.


Governments aren’t just stats. They unlock new game mechanics, provide new ships, and give you access to special abilities.

Let me know what you think in the comments.  Which one would you go for and why?

United Earth at the end of the first game year (week 52)


My government and cabinet and what they are doing.


This is just a glimpse of what the governments can do and the consequences each one has.  But that is for another day.


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