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Looking for a modder

Published on Monday, June 4, 2018 By Afelidia In Sins Modding

Hi there,

I know it's a complete offtopic but it turns out that it's pretty hard to find 3D modelers. So, I'm trying my luck here. 

I am looking for a 3D modeler who can create a High render, fully rigged human head

Human Head anatomy spec:

Modelling: -I need a human head fully modelled, textured and rigged in Maya. It must contain detailed modelling of facial features including skin, hair, eyes etc. The below model is just about right for the exterior:

The above model however does not include detailed modelling of internal organs such as soft/hard palate, tongue, nasal cavity, vocal cords, trachea. I will need detailed modelling of all internal mouth organs to be done. I need complete head-and-bust model, with hair, textures, and specially designed blendshapes to deform the face realistically during swallowing. I need a working model of the internal speech organs: mouth, tongue, palate, nasal cavity, throat. The model of the tongue, an extremely deformable, volume-preserving muscle mass, requires complex rigging. I require the ability to view the model in full 360 degrees rotation from any angle. The model should have ability to view the internal organs from any angle by making the cheeks transparent. The shoulders should be modelled also but doesn’t have to be that detailed.

Character: The face should be of a clean-shaven male of middle eastern appearance (light brown) aged 25-40.

Rigging: As the character will need to be able to swallow and speak, detailed rigging of tongue and internal organs will be needed as well as facial features.

Rendering/compositing: The completed model will be animated by us and returned to you for conducting rendering, compositing and after effects. More details to follow.

Reference Animations:


You need not concern yourself around renders or animation. The Job is to supply the model rigged and with detailed textures. You will be expected to work closely with our animation team. Please provide examples of your work and references.

If you're interested please apply here in order to avoid any scamming from both sides -