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Deneb - A New Enemy

Published on Monday, July 23, 2018 By LorenPechtel In Ashes of the Singularity

I find myself disagreeing with the advice we are given.

On Normal I just killed the brainwhale at the first ambush site.  I had no cruisers built at the time we were told it would be to late if we didn't already have Artemises ready to go--and the force that took it out had no Artemises in it.  It was pure Nemesis cruisers.  I vectored them to the NW corner of the ambush site.  Two of them were in position to fire by the time the brainwhale came into range.  I then sent the ones still on their way to the NE corner--and when the brainwhale went out of range I sent the two that had been hitting it over to the NE corner also.  It blew when it was just passing straight north from that NE corner.

I do not believe I could have done nearly as well with Artemises.