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Controller / UI improvements

Published on Tuesday, September 25, 2018 By psymin In Star Control Ideas/Wishes

I'll try to update this when I encounter less-than-perfect end user experiences when using a controller as the primary input method.

* "Flee or Fight?" dialog requires keyboard and mouse input.  This makes the game impossible to play through without using the keyboard and mouse.  I think this is probably the highest priority controller issue since the rest of them are just QoL issues.

* When two controllers are connected, please assume by default that both controllers should be used when in fleet battles.  Having P1 be both controller and keyboard/mouse is fine.

* When launching the game, have the default selection be "load" instead of "new".  Or add a "continue from last save" as an option and have it be default.  (link to forum post on it )

* When buying/selling materials, it is not a smooth experience (for me at least).  To highlight the first item in the inventory, right or down has to be pressed on the stick twice.  I believe that the first item should be selected by default, or at the very least have the input be given only once (two stick presses and a button press for each sell is tedious).  Also potentially have the "sell all but the valuable stuff" be more prominent and easier to select without many joystick presses.

* The star map.  Selecting systems for autopilot is not fun with a controller.  How about have it automatically "snap" to the nearest system in the direction of the stick press?  Using the analog stick as a mouse is not a great end user experience.  There is some snapping, so that is good, maybe a quick "fix" would be to expand the radius for snapping?  Or maybe just have it cycle through the star systems when a direction is pressed? )

* In fleet battles with two players using controllers, player one can cancel player two out of their menus.  (anecdotal, it happened to me a couple times, I'll test again next game night)

* Some players might prefer using the d-pad instead of the analog stick.  I know that controls can be custom set, but is it possible to have both the analog stick and the d-pad both work for ship movement?  There is value in having the d-pad for online multiplayer chat antics, but I believe that player input for steering is more important.  If analog and d-pad can both be used interchangeably that would make local multiplayer fleet battle sessions a lot more appealing for groups that disagree about which input method is best.

I'll edit this post and add to it as a slowly play through this game.

Sorry for not posting it prior to release.