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AotS Esc: 1v1 Friendly Community Tournament -- 9th February 2019

Published on Wednesday, February 6, 2019 By SchismNavigator In Ashes Events

When: 7 AM GMT,  9th February


Check-in will start on Battlefy 30 minutes ahead of the start of the tournament. After everyone checks in, player seeds will be randomized to determine the first games.

If a player is waiting 15 minutes for their opponent who is AFK and not responding, the player may be disqualified by Admins.

Map Pool (same as Season 3 ranked pool)

Atwater, Europa, Gamma Draconis 2p, Italia, Merga 2p, Mirach 2p, Ross 128 2p, Espana, Seginus, and Urich.

The player with the lower current tournament standings picks the map. If this is the first round or both players are tied, as a tiebreaker, if there is a recent tournament where both players competed in, the player with the lower standing in that tournament gets to pick map. If there's uneven amount of players you might get a BYE - recommend you organise to spectate someones game.


  • All rounds are best of 1.
  • All games will be played using Default map settings.
  • Winner must upload the replay of the game for the victory to count.
  • If a player DC's within the first five minutes of the game, rehost. Otherwise the match counts a loss for the DC'd player. If both players simultaneously crash outside of the first five minutes, the match will result in a tie.
  • In the case of a dispute where players are not in agreement, send replays for admin to make a ruling.
  • Admin reserve the rights to make any ruling or disqualify any player based on behavior and conduct Players must be available for contact during the entirety of the tournament.
  • Players should play on DirectX 11 to ensure maximum game stability.
  • Any other questions, contact the Admins via the Ashes Discord server.

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