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Published on Wednesday, March 20, 2019 By psiiijay In Elemental Series

So I bought the game and thought it was amazing.

I played with some crushes but it was still playable (Im running a strong 16GB memory with Gforce).

I started a new game with the largest map size and 24 opponents.

Was amazing, but then the game started crushing when I tried to save - giving me "Out of Memory" error.

Now is just gives me out of memory EVERY TIME i press save in this game. 100%.

I have a new Asus - for gaming in 2019 that I got last month.

Pluse the error is happening straight when I press save - Its not even thinking.

Tried with/without auto save still no go. Still gives me other errors and game crushes every 3-4 turns and 100% or "save" crush.

Really need help here.