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Through A Mirror Darkly – 30th March 2019

Published on Wednesday, March 27, 2019 By SchismNavigator In Sins of a Solar Empire Events

Time: 30th March, 1 PM EDT

Lobby Name: Mirror Trek

Slots: 10

Type: Modded – Player vs Player Teams

Settings: High speeds. Locked teams.

Mod: Armada 3: Uprising

This weekend we are switching from Ashes to Sins for our community event. Returning to the always popular Armada 3 mod. This mod saw a sizeable update recently and brings it up to date with our latest DLC Minor Factions. Do not worry if you do not have the DLC yourself, you can still join the multiplayer lobby. But if you wish to pick up Minor Factions for yourself it is only $5.99 on our store.

Please be prepared to join on the Discord for voice chat and allow for up to 30 minutes before the event official launch time.