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Gameplay feedback

Published on Thursday, April 18, 2019 By -Megumin- In Siege of Centauri

Some things I've noticed that detract from gameplay other things needed or that add to gameplay.

- Scrolling around has some kind of acceleration attached to it. Its really bad makes the game feel like I'm lagging. 
or it could be lag not sure not running it on high settings and my pc is powerful so im fairly sure there is some kind of acceleration plz remove it.

- Cant find a way to select all towers of a certain type, you need this for mass upgrading lower lvl towers. 

- Larger non swarm units need to have permanent health bars, allows you to have a better situational awareness of where is dangerous.

- Need a grid pattern for placement of towers when a tower is being placed so you can tell where you can place turrets and where you cant.
ie: green and red zones and standard 1x1 boxes. Turrets when selected should show scale ie 3x3, This allows planning on turret placement.

- Need a FOV area when placing turrets to show what can be shot at and what cant / what is blocked by terrain certain turrets cant shoot down very well.

- Need a very clear Base health. If that 5000 on the bottom left is base health then you cant hover over it and see what it is, no tooltip description. same applies to metal/radioactives.

- The slow turrets animation is too "distracting".

- Artillery turrets look like they are firing smoke grenades.

- Can the amplification turrets stack if not please say so in description small details like this go really far

- When a turret is selected before placing it keep the description box up on the right and allow players to hover over the different fields to see that the icons mean. at the moment you can only do this after placing a turret.

- Some turrets turn way to slow and just track and will not shoot because the target is too fast would be great to set behaviour of these turrets to tell them to prioritise slow more dangerous threats or ignore fast swarmers. Would it be possible to tell a turret to shoot only at enemies in a killbox? Minos cannons firing at smaller swarmers feels silly especially  when they are fast and turn a turret 180 degrees in the wrong direction so when a larger threat appears it needs to rotate back.

- Allow the placement of tier 2+ turrets straight out. Select turret type and then choose tier 2 and when that is done tier 2 turrets placed until changed again.

- Is it possible to have an upgrade panel for individual turrets. ie extra metal/rads spent to upgrade damage, range, rotation speed, firerate etc?

- Cant manually designate targets. would be great to be able to select artillery and tell it where to shoot even shooting ground if possible. The ability to rightclick and choose priority targets would be great too ie: mark 1 2 3 4 etc.

- Different build paths on certain weapons? ie higher damage but smaller firing arc weapons where you place then select its rotation and left click again to deploy. artillery that shoots mines. lower damage but shield penetration, slower fire rate but higher range etc.

- Mines/destructible walls and different flavours ie anti swarmer mines anti cap mines etc same with barriers smaller barriers should effect swarmers but just be bulldozed by larger craft and larger barriers can just be bypassed by smaller craft. could be great for blocking off certain routes in larger maps not released yet.

- Can click and drag but it doesnt select anything would be great to select multiple tower regardless of type and select upgrade.


- Sound effects continue when paused, when scrolling past large groups of firing enemies its really loud.

- Minos cannon will fire before its rotated to a firing solution 90% of the time missing.