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6th OTC Casuals Tournament – 27th April

Published on Monday, April 22, 2019 By SchismNavigator In Offworld Events

Date and Time: Saturday, April 27th at 7 PM (1900) GMT

This is a casual tournament being hosted by Trattpingvin on the OTC community discord. Unlike other tournaments, the finals will be played on Sunday, April 28th.


The winner claims a prize - Steam Games of your choice, worth up to €20. Other finalists will get a Conspicuous Consumption DLC steam key.

Saturday Format

There will be 5 games in total, 3 on Mars, 1 on Ceres, and 1 on Io. We are going to use standard ranked rules. Tie breakers are based on philothanics FFA Ranks mod. No mods are required for the participants. This usually takes around 3 hours.

Sunday Format

On Sunday, only the 4 best players from Saturday will play. We will play 2-5 games, until one player has two wins. They will be crowned winner of the tournament and win the prize. Games are played using standard ranked rules with random locations.


This tournament is intended for everyone except the very best players.

Everyone who has not previously won a casuals or regular tournament can join this tournament. If you are unsure whether you can join or not, message Trattpingvin. You don't need to be available on Sunday to join - we will just choose the player below you in the rankings for the finals if you finish top 4.


Sign up in the #casual-signups channel on the OTC community discord server.