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Multi screens wallpapers (2+1 capable??)

Published on Thursday, May 2, 2019 By LewJo In DeskScapes

Hey all,

Hope someone can help me!

Can Deskscapes 10 support multiple monitors? I know the plain answer is yes, BUT, my question is not if, but how!

So i have 2 "27 2K screens, and a 3rd screen (laptop, with docking station for the 2 other screens). 

I would like to have wide wallpapers across the 2 main screens, and a different wallpaper on my laptop screen. With Win10, i end up with 1 wallpaper across all 3 screens, or each screen gets a seperate wallpaper! Not ideal. 

Is there a way to do this via Deskscapes?? I can see set wallpaper to all monitors, or a wallpaper per monitor. But i want to set the widescreen walls to monitor 1&2, and have a different wallpaper on 3..... and be able to use random wallpapers based on settings.

ie: Folder of dual screen walls for 1&2 ... and another folder for screen 3

man, i hope that made sense

Any feedback would be great! Thanks!!!