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Bug found: Land of Learning Wrenchkin dialog

Published on Wednesday, May 29, 2019 By Nichirus In The Video Game Machine

I have uploaded two pictures showing the bug.

By talking to the Wrenchkin from the left side, the dialog box stopped populating with text halfway through and my character was no longer able to move. I went into edit to see if a character position reset would work, and as can be seen in the second picture, the dialog box is still there with the half-loaded text. The character is also incapable of moving, though the sprite will animate in the desired direction.

I exited the Adventure tutorial to see if a reset of the game would fix the problem. Although the dialog box was gone, the character still was unable to move.

So I exited the Video Game Machine entirely and attempted to replicate the bug but couldn't, and the character could play normally and everything now. So yeah, intermittent bug, not sure how I triggered it the first time.