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First Impressions and Considerations

Published on Thursday, May 30, 2019 By BadJackDaniels In

My first impression about VGM was good, with a friendly and well-distributed interface it proved to be very functional.

I know that the project is still in the ALHA phase and that at the moment it only has the Platform and JRPG game styles, but I started trying to recreate a classic game that I really like, Space Invaders, in order to evaluate the features beyond that proposed in Edit Mode then I saw that the options and functionalities of the existing objects are still very limited, for example, I can not direct the shot of a weapon up or down, it is not possible to determine a fixed movement for an enemy, it is not possible to decrease the size of the level area.

I will continue to explore new possibilities and try to apply ideas that fit existing objects, but I hope that in the future the options will be much larger and more customizable, in order not to limit the creativity of the designer.