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A few problems and suggestions.

Published on Friday, June 7, 2019 By BadJackDaniels In

I am creating a new adventure a little complex, to test all the features of the VGM and report all the problems encountered and suggest new features, soon I will be sharing to evaluate my design and gameplay.

So far, some suggestions that have emerged were:

  • I'm having trouble with Gate Gizmo, where they are not linking levels correctly, and have TAGs with messy names when it is set for each gate;
  • Depending on the complexity of the game you created and your work for created, it might be interesting to make an option available to leave it locked for editing when it is publicly shared (I would not like to see other people altering my projects and republishing under another name, winning credits for a few modifications, being that I had a great work to do it and would deserve all the credit);
  • The possibility of rotating the objects of scene, like the houses for example, in order to improve the esthetics and assembly of the levels;
  • A system of achievements that can work as follows: - Each game created in the VGM can have up to 1000AP (Achievement Points) that can be distributed within the game according to the criteria of each creator. For this there will be a GIZMO called Achievement Points GIZMO, which will add up the distribution of the 1000AP as they are being released and showing on the screen the messages about what the liberated achievement and its value. At the end of the game you can see a screen showing how many achievements have been released and how many were not.

Since when it began to be inserted achievements in the games, I was very encouraged by the fact that you have goals to be completed beyond the end of the game, extending the life of the game and challenging the player beyond his abilities.

In the future the achievements may be incorporated into a VGM user account and accumulating the APs to define a ranking of the players.