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VGM: Beta 1 Change Log

Published on Tuesday, June 11, 2019 By ScottTykoski In The Video Game Machine

!!!! - This Update has not been Released - !!!!


Work continues on The Video Game Machine! This time we have our sights on the Beta 1 build, to be released on Steam sometime this Summer. Keep an eye on the change log to see what we have planned!


- New Features -

+ New Rule - World Map: Place level entrances on an epic World Map for the player to explore!

+ New Rule - Endless Enemies: Force the player to deal with a constant onslaught of enemies with this new Gameplay Rule. This also unlocks the 'Endless Enemy' gizmo that lets you specify the enemies that will be swarming the player.

+ New Rule - Weapon Aiming: Set the angles that you can fire your weapon in Sidescroller games. By default it's Left and Right only, but you can now change it to fire in diagonal directions as well.

+ New Gizmo - Counter : A gizmo that will count down every time it gets a trigger request. Once it hits a certain # it will finally activate.
This can be used to make...
- Enemy rooms, where you have to kill all the enemies for the exit to open.
- Collection Games, were you have to collect a certain # of an item to win.
- Failure Counter, where doing the wrong thing too many times in a row will result in a game-ending event (spike wall, enemy assault, insta-death. etc).

+ New Props - Sliding Blocks: You can't have an 'Adventure' game without dungeons filled with Sliding Block puzzles! Use these new props to make the player use brains instead of brawn to unlock the way forward!

+ New Camera Options: In the "Camera Movement" rule, you can now now toggle backtracking options (if you don't want the player to go backwards in a Sidescrolling level).

+ Repeat Gizmo Triggering: Gizmos can now be set to allow 'Repeat Triggering'. Simply press [r] over the switch or gizmo to let the player activate it more than one time.

Diagonal Blocks: You can now click 2x on a certain blocks to turn them into Diagonal tiles. Clicking again will square them off again.

New Caves and Doors: There are new props for different sizes of Doors and Caves.

New Screen - Game Overview: By clicking the Game Cartridge icon in the upper right left corner of the level editor, you can get an Overview of the game you're editing. From here you can also change your selected hero or tweak the player's in-game speed.


- Improvements -

+ You can now give the Start Position gizmo a target, letting you activate Dialog and other gizmos as soon as a level starts.
Hooked up an improved garbage Collector for memory management. Also cleaned up some areas where too much memory was being allocated. Overall memory usage should be much more friendly.
+ Hidden Areas can now be placed over existing items. If there is an item, and you place a Hidden Area on it, it will become a 'Hidden Area with Item'. Before it simply ignored the input.
+ Tilesheets can now have the color of the 'top down shadow' driven by data (so now shadow colors on the tilesheet can match the shadow color of items/enemies/player objects).
+ Link Gizmos can now have a target (can be useful for cleaning up a long Link Chain).
+ Bounce sfx when performing a 'head bop' move.
+ When the level timer is down to the last 5 seconds, you'll get warning beeps so you know death is coming.
+ Game will now show 1/2 hearts to better reflect the player's actual HP.
Only show full hearts at 100% Health
+ When you're down to one heart (and the red glow borders the screen) the next attack will always kill the player.


- Bug Fixes -

+ Adventure: If you're firing a projectile weapon in tight quarters, the bullet will now snap to the center of the tile (instead of often dying accidentally)
Gizmos adjacent to Door Props will no longer accidentally get set as children of that prop.
+ Fixed bug where Gateways wouldn't work properly if there were more than 1 in a room.
+ Fix knock-back being applied after you've been turned Invulnerable (was too easy to get knocked around while in a flock of enemies).