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Bug Found (?) - Multiple gates in the same room failing

Published on Wednesday, June 12, 2019 By Silver-Streak In The Video Game Machine

So I finally had time to work on the adventure genre game I've been building again. I've run into a bug that I can reproduce pretty regularly, but can't tell if this is just intentional behavior or not.

Scenario: All of the following are example level/gate names for consistency.

  1. I have a screen in my Level 3 with a gate (gate 1a) on the bottom that leads to a gate (gate 1b) on another map/level (level 2) that works consistently. It targets the downward/southern portion of the screen.
  2. I add another gate (gate2a) that targets upwards/north with no destination yet.
  3. On Level 4, I add another gate (gate2b) that targets downward/southern, and links to the newly added gate on Level 3 (gate2a). 
  4. I then update the northern gate (Gate2a) on Level 3 to point to the level 4 gate (Gate2b)
  5. When I test the game, Gate 1A and 1B work as expected. On level 4, going south for Gate 2B properly goes to Gate 2A. On level 3, going north through Gate 2A just goes to another screen, ignoring the gate.


I've deleted and recreated both Gate 2A and 2B, given them different names, left them as default, etc. No change. Level 3 north gate never works, Level 4 south gate always works. 

Here's some screenshots showing.

Level 2:

Gate 1A settings: 


Level 3:


Gate 1B Settings:


Gate 2A Settings:


Level 4:


Gate 2B Settings: