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Game crashes when playing

Published on Sunday, July 28, 2019 By StreetDogArg In Star Control

Hi, I was posting this bugs in Discord but I dont know if Devteam is taking in count this... I just to know if will be a Fix for this soon, or I may forget this game.

After some hours playing I have random Freezes, not crash, just freezed image and sound all ocurring at background. My only way is ALT+F4 ...

I have this problem from several weeks. I tested today with newest Nvidia drivers and I get the problem anyway. I tried changing to SSD and HDD, and the problem ocurrs anyway.


My Pc:

Intel i7 6700k
ram 16gb 3200mhz corsair
msi Z270 Gaming M7
msi GTX980ti 6gb Golden edition
monitor predator 27" 144hz
samsung evo 850 ssd and hitachi Hdd

I dont know if you need anything more for fix the problem?