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Game does not start

Published on Saturday, September 21, 2019 By Harbinger91 In Siege of Centauri Support

Bought the game yesterday. 

Really liked the idea of playing an Ashes-themed TD game. Downloaded it, launched it...

aaand it froze. Gets stuck at the "loading the carpathia" part. 


No crash report window shown either. 

So I went through the steps the support guy told me:

1) I verified the game files on steam - there was no issue

2) I checked drivers- they were all up to date

3) I changed that settings file to settings.old as recommended - still nothing

4) And now I compiled the 3 files in my onedrive and am sending them in for you guys to figure out how to get the game to work


Also, for the love of god, PLEASE set up a proper support ticket system. 

Anyone opening this section can view currently open support tickets of other people. Like WTF, we are in 2019. Are you guys trying to pull a Bethesda and let random visitors freely see other people's support tickets?

At least set it so the only ones who can see this are the guy who wrote it and the support guy who needs it.