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Game crashing

Published on Wednesday, September 25, 2019 By Richard913960 In Siege of Centauri

The game keep crashing, might be delayed a bit with the new patch 2, but i have only played one game yet, so not sure about this. 
The problem seems to be that nvlddmkm stops working, this causes the game to stop, i have on 2 ocacions been able to enter task manager to close the game, and to check temperature and load on cpu, gpu and ram, no problems there, all other times(20+) i've had to hold the power button. I experience no lag during gameplay, the game is running on i5-8300H, GTX 1050TI and 16GB ram. My computer is relatively new, and i have never experienced nvlddmkm crash other than playing siege of centauri. The crash seems to happen between 30 sec and 20 min of gameplay, before most(maybe all) crashes i have just been using shift to place more than one tower. I have yet to be able to not use shift in a game, it's automatic.