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The Expanse

Published on Monday, October 7, 2019 By SchismNavigator In Life, the Universe and Everything

So season 4 of this amazing show is coming out this December on Amazon Prime. Looking around I noticed we do not seem to have a thread for it, or if we do it is long buried.

So for anyone who is not familiar why should you watch this show? Well, I am not going to undersell it. This is my current favourite science fiction show and could quite possibly be my best pick for science fiction / space shows this side of the year 2000. Yes, that's right, I am putting this above shows like Firefly, Battlestar Galactica and Stargate for good measure.

What is it about? Set roughly in the 24th century (though never made 100% clear) it is a hard science fiction setting where humans have spread out to Mars, the asteroid belt and beyond. We do not have fancy warp drives or wormhole gates. Instead, we have efficient fusion-powered sublight engines and a whole lot of hardships trying to keep Earth from choking itself, bringing life to Mars and providing basic human needs to the new working class (belters) out mining in the expanse (name drop).

The books are written by two people who have previously worked on the Song of Fire and Ice books, so that might help give you some idea of what kind of things go on here. Focus is put on the characters, all of which are interesting and flawed in their own ways. From the highest echelons of the United Nations government to the rock hoppers turned terrorists in the Outer Planets Alliance.

If you have never read or watched the show before now is a good time to jump in before season 4 in December, and season 5 is already on its way. For those who are already fans feel free to reply here to share your own thoughts on this great show and what you are looking forward to in season 4.