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Fallen Enchantress

Published on Tuesday, December 3, 2019 By nukesnspooks In Fallen Enchantress

I got a new laptop (Windows 10) and FE won't run on it. I can run the newer Legendary Heroes version on the new computer, but not the older FE. I prefer the older version.

I have tried all the usual fixes: updating drivers, manually setting the nVidia card, reinstalling all the Visual C++ modules, running in every possible compatibility mode, running as administrator, etc.

The game starts to load (the "Loading" screen with the Juggernaut and the Enchantress comes up) but after about 10 seconds it goes away and the desktop reappears. The debug.err file in the \user\Documents\Games folder shows that it goes thru checking the graphics and sound cards and then starts in on the DebugMessage: section. It gets as far as DebugMessage:  Shell initialization complete and that is the final line. No errors just stops.

Please anybody know what is going wrong and how to fix it?