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AI Mania – 1st February 2019

Published on Wednesday, January 29, 2020 By SchismNavigator In Ashes Events

Time: 1st February, 10 AM (1000) PST

Lobby Name: AI Mania


This weekend we have a community game night hosted by one of our community members. Sacriel is starting this up to help bring players together. The main place for organizing will be on our Discord server as well as directly on Steam.

  • Rules: King of the Hill PvP.
  • 20 Minute peace timer. For both teams to get an economy rolling.
  • Defenders(Team 1) must simply hold the Turinium Generator until they reach the 10,000 point score. Points gathered during peacetime does count towards the win. So build up your defenses and get ready for an onslaught! You may use any units or structures at your disposal as a means of defending or atleast slowing down Team 2's advance on your Turinium or Nexus.
  • Team 2, the ones conducting the offensive, have two objectives. Team 2's main goal is to keep Team 1 from the Turinium Generators. Secondly to destroy Team 1's Nexus by any means AFTER the 20 minute mark.
  • The capture points needed is 10,000. This provides either side the chance to hold the point or to take it back, again Team 2 can choose not to kill Team 1 immediately given the chance.

Voice and text chat will be provided by the Ashes discord server.