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Community Newsletter #9 - 1/31/2020

Published on Friday, January 31, 2020 By SchismNavigator In Stardock Community Newsletter

We're Only Just Getting Started


We are back everyone! For this edition of the community newsletter we have news on new games, new tournaments, new mods and well everything that is new for a new year, new decade and maybe I should stop with this whole new thing now...


The Horizon


The Political Machine 2020



This month we announced the latest and most hotly debated The Political Machine 2020.


Who are the candidates? What do they want with your family? Why is there one building a campaign HQ on your lawn right this instant?!


The Political Machine 2020 is a PC strategy game where you get to pick a candidate and go head to head against either an AI or another player to win the US presidential election.


Candidates include the current Democratic front-runners including Joe Biden, Elizabeth Warren, Bernie Sanders and Pete Buttigieg, as well as Internet favorites such as Andrew Yang and Tulsi Gabbard.  Republican candidates include Donald Trump, George W. Bush and Mitt Romney. Players can also design their own candidates to take on the campaign trail to win the hearts and minds of American voters.


A new feature of the 2020 edition are unique ideology trees that allows each candidate to play differently from one another.



To learn more about The Political Machine 2020 you can read the full announcement here.


OTC Monthly Tournaments



The fine people over on the Offworld Trading Company community discord server are putting together a series of tournaments throughout the year. Below is a description of the tournaments from DeathTacitus.


"For 2020 we are going to host a tournament every month! We will cycle between 4FFA and 1v1 every month and you will still be fighting for honor, but! These tournaments will all have a different kind of Gemstone theme. Players participating in a tournament will earn a Role with that month's themed Gemstone and it's colour! All tournaments will be open to everyone, so anyone can sign up.


Tournaments will be played on ranked settings, and the europa map will be disabled. (unless it's added to ranked in the future)

4FFA Tournaments will have the normal 5 rounds format with the last round being seeded based on points. Tournament Mod included

1v1 formats will depend on how many players sign up. Probably Round robin or Swiss style.


We will also switch between playing on Saturday and Sunday so that everyone has a chance to participate in a tournament."


Here is a list of the dates of each tournament and their Gemstones:


  • 1v1 - February 2nd Sunday - Amethyst (Date set)


  • 4FFA - March Sunday - Aquamarine
  • 1v1 - April Saturday - Diamond


  • 4FFA - May Saturday - Emerald
  • 1v1 - June Sunday - Pearl


  • 4FFA - July Sunday - Ruby
  • 1v1 - August Saturday - Peridot


  • 4FFA - September Saturday - Sapphire
  • 1v1 - October Sunday - Tourmaline


  • 4FFA - November Sunday - Topaz
  • 1v1 - December Saturday - Tanzanite


Be sure to join their server if you wish to participate in one, or more, of the upcoming tournaments.


Sins of the Prophets 0.9.0



It has been a long road but the mod team over at Chokepoint have brought to life the new 0.9.0 (or .2 now) "Warlords" update to the Sins total conversion mod Sins of the Prophets.


This update is huge, incorporating new art, music, voices, levels, balancing, a leader system and various fixes and changes to gameplay. Honestly, we could spend several paragraphs detailing the changes but we think it is better to go on the moddb page and check out the breadth of articles they have made breaking this update down.


Several community matches have already been hosted and we look forward to what this talented group of mod makers do next!


Community Events Coming In 2020


  • The second Turinium Cup Tournament!
  • Official contests that creators can join and compete against one another.
  • More spotlights on community events, creations and... well... communities!
  • And more...

The Forge


Old One Yog Sothoth by Shade Meadows



Whatever you do, don't get the tree wrong or you will be summoning Yog Sothoth before you know it.


Steam Workshop Link


Terran Intimidator by Airmaster



Another great design from our longstanding shipmaster Airmaster. This time a Terran design in the form of a large EWAR destroyer.


Steam Workshop Link




Eternall's Earth Rising Playthrough

Sins Of The Prophets - Warlords #1 : In Amber Clad

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