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AI Mania – 15th February 2020

Published on Thursday, February 13, 2020 By SchismNavigator In Ashes Events

Time: 15th February, 10 AM (1000) PST

Lobby Name: AI Mania



This weekend Sacriel is hosting a new community game, scheduled for the morning/noon time in the US and evening in the EU. He will be on the Ashes of the Singularity discord server and on Steam. So look out for the lobby name: AI Mania around game start!

Now for the details…

Gamemode: King of the Hill

Team 1 Objective: Capture and hold the Turinium until Critical Mass and or they die trying.Team 1 may use any units or structures to accomplish this goal. Team 1  will recieve no resource bonus, this is to incentivize them to be more careful and not waste so much metal or radioactives on massive counterattacks, instead working towards playing to their strengths as defensive bonus is enabled for this mode so expect your units to take less damage while in your own territories.

Team 2 Objective: To keep Team 1 from the Turinium generators and further to this, Team 2 must destroy Team 1's Nexus, they can use any number of units or structures to accomplish this. Team 2 will receive a 100% resource bonus, this is to incentivize Team 2 to play aggressively and be actively pushing Team 1.


  • 20 minute Peace Timer, this while not innately a function within the game, though I expect no fighting until the 20 minute mark. This gives both sides a chance to build up defences, units and an economy, so be courteous and wait.
  • There aren't any restrictions to unit types, you can construct hoards of ASF's or Strategic Bombers, and or Juggernaughts...whatever your team needs to win.