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Turinium Cup 2020

Published on Thursday, February 27, 2020 By SchismNavigator In Ashes Events

We are very excited to announce the Turinium Cup 2020!

This is our official tournament for Ashes of the Singularity: Escalation, a massive scale real-time-strategy game from Stardock Entertainment. We were very happy with the excellent players who joined for last year’s tournament and are looking forward to who will play in this one.

The rules are mostly the same as the previous year, but there have been some changes. Both new and prior contestants are encouraged to review them. We are also moving the main stage for organizing the tournament on the Ashes of the Singularity discord server.

Please read everything below and at the very end you will see details on how to sign up for the tournament.

Map Pool

  • Mirach 2p
  • Urich
  • Ross 128 2p
  • Italia
  • Merga


Signups: 27th February – 19th March

Pools: 20th – 29th March

Finals: 4th April

Player Pools

Players will be divided into round robin pools. These pools (1-4) named Perseus, Cerberus, Tiamat and Abzu will play on the weekend starting on the 20th of March. From Friday to Sunday we will host games for people in pools as they are available to play against one another from 1PM EST onwards.

From our pools we will get 4 finalists, who will then compete in a streamed finals cup for the Turinium Cup 2020 hosted on the 28th of March at 1PM EST.

Group 1 “Perseus”

A crucial offensive was fought across the Perseus cluster between a battle-hardened contingent of post humans loyal to the coalition and a reserve force of Substrate loyal to Haalee. It was during this campaign that the Post Human Coalition learned how to better play the rivalrous nature of the sibling AIs off of one another by offering an easy win to the strongest opponent, drawing the forces of the flanking Substrate AIs in as they competed for the favor of their “mother”.

Group 2 “Cerberus”

In the aftermath of the Siege of Centauri a startling discovery was found by the Post Human Coalition in the star system Cerberus. In orbit around the second planet the Substrate had begun to create a scaffolding for constructing their own deep space vessels. Whilst the exact intended destination of this vessels remains unknown an advance force led by a brilliant neophyte were able to cripple the shipyards before they became operational.

Group 3 “Tiamat”

One of the darkest days of the Post Human Coalition, and the brightest for the Substrate, came at the Battle of Tiamat. A tidally locked world with half a perpetual firestorm, the other plunged in hospitable night, a thin band of life subsist around the equator of this world. But it was the unique planetary rings which created unusual subatomic harmonics that both sides wanted to capitalize on. To this day the planet remains unclaimed by both factions.

Group 4 “Abzu”

The site of a terrible experiment conducted by a rogue post-human not officially sanctioned by the coalition. Abzu has become a world almost antithetical to quantum streaming itself, as if the entire planet became a natural jammer. Even so, the unique properties of the world made it a necessary strategic asset and many battles with minimal reinforcements have been fought time and again.

Game Rules

General Rules:

  • The map for each match will be selected by process of elimination. Each player will eliminate one map from the pool until we are left with one.
  • No 15+ language allowed to be used during matches.
  • No death threats or similar personal threats.
  • Any attempts made to cheat will be cause for immediate removal.
  • You agree to have matches you participate in streamed and recorded.

Attendance Rules:

  • Players are expected to allow 15 minutes before official match start.
  • Failure to attend a match will result in an automatic loss and possible elimination.
  • Failure to attend 3 matches will result in automatic elimination from all future matches.
  • All signees must have a discord account and joined the main Ashes discord server.

Game Settings:

  • Metal Income: Normal
  • Radioactive Income: Normal
  • Quanta Income: Normal
  • Map Visibility: Revealed
  • Capture speed: Normal
  • Air Units: Enabled
  • Juggernauts: Enabled
  • Orbitals: Enabled
  • Build Speed: Normal
  • Defensive bonus: None
  • Neutral Creeps: Normal
  • Victory Points: Map Default
  • Supply Lines: Required


At the end of the finals the player who comes first will be declared the 2020 Turinium Cup holder.

Our winner will receive:

  • The title of Turinium Cup champion
  • A free Steam key of their choice for themselves or a friend.

Steps To Join

  1. Read the Rules
  2. Join the Ashes of the Singularity discord
  3. Sign up on Toornament