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Bugs with GalCiv 3 v4.0

Published on Monday, September 21, 2020 By DivineWrath In Galactic Civilizations III

I'm back to playing again. Right now I'm playing crusade v4.0 . Here are some of the bugs I've seen.

The game doesn't provide correct population details for transports. When I'm in the ship editor, it says it has a population capacity of 3, but when I build them, I can put up to 5 legions into them.

I find that I when I upgrade transports, I get 1 more legion each time. I was able to get more legions than what it was supposed to carry.

There doesn't appear to be any way to refill transports. I also can't seem to reclaim legions when destroying transports.

This might be an exploit. Tiny hulls have no maintenance. This means you can have an infinitely large navy if you use just tiny hulls. Plus, they take up 1 logistic point each, so you can get more weapons that way. A medium hull takes up 6 logistics, but yields about 3 weapons. 6 tiny hulls take up 6 logistic points and yields 6 weapons. I found that relying on killing the enemy quickly is a good defense strategy for tiny hulls.

In the shipyard screen, you can double click on the ship icon to add them to the build queue, but you can't double click them in the queue to remove them.

In the planet screen, you can double click on planet improvement icons to add them to the build queue, but you can't double click them in the queue to remove them. Also, you have to select them 1 at a time to cancel them. The UI does not automatically select the next item in the queue, so if you want to cancel a whole bunch of improvements, you have to select the next one and click cancel every time you want to remove something from the queue.

An option to turn off notifications that say only survey ships can explore anomalies. I find it distracting when I order a ship to move to a tile that happens to have an anomaly.

There should be some way to know what type a planet improvement is. I also think you should know what the effects of leveling it up does. Also, there should be a way to know what effects upgrading a planet improvement has. A work camp upgrading to a forced labor camp adds +1 research (which I think is a big deal).