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Featured Community-Made Ships from GalCiv III

Published on Thursday, October 1, 2020 By MindlessMe In GalCiv III Dev Journals

One of the greatest aspects of having a mod friendly game is seeing the awesome, creative designs our users come up with. Whether it's a design inspired by your favorite universe, or a unique design pulled from your brain - I'm always impressed. From the smallest designs to the insanely detailed, you can find a ship design for any occasion.

Today I'm sharing some of the most popular designs submitted through the Steam Workshop. With all the content for GalCiv it's difficult to narrow it down to just a handful of ships, but I do what I must. If you don't see one of your designs included today be sure to keep an eye on our social media channels. We showcase user created content all of the time.

Without further adieu, I give you the featured ships:

Overlord Battlecruiser (Warhammer 40k) [Download]
Created by [ph7]Ghazef
A powerful Ship of the Line, seen in many Imperial Navy fleets.

As a huge Warhammer 40k fan, I've had my eye on this ship for some time now. The level of detail Ghazef put into this design really helps to bring it to life. You can easily combine this ship with some of the 40k based civilizations and get lost in the Grimdark.

There are a number of Warhammer 40k inspired ships and collections on the Steam Workshop if you want to bring the universe to life in GalCiv. Just remember, there is only war...


Imperial Star Destroyer [Download]
Created by Ya Girl Juniper
A terrifying ship that acts as both a Capital ship and a Carrier. A fleet of these is everything an Empire needs to conquer the Galaxy.

Star Wars is a franchised loved by many, so it's no surprise that people are creating ships and content inspired by the lore. It's difficult to browse the Steam Workshop and not see at least a few designs inspired by the cinematic universe. This particular design from Ya Girl Juniper is one that's been in the workshop for some time now and is still used by many players. The level of detail in this ship makes it a cool one to take a spin around the galaxy, and maybe blow up some rebel scum.


SR2 Normandy [Download]
Created by Omnibus
A powerful Ship of the Line, seen in many Imperial Navy fleets.

Mass Effect has solidified its place as a sci-fi favorite regardless of how you feel about the ending of the trilogy. The detail and accuracy of this design makes it unmistakable as the SR2 Normandy as you are commanding it to move through the galaxy. All we need now is Commander Shepard!

If you like this design from Omnibus you can see more here: Complete Omnibus Collection


Aeon Mothership [Download]
Created by =SM=Guy Incognito
The Aeon Class Mothership serves as the flagship of the Iconian Navy. A vessel of tremendous size, it is the ultimate guarantee against Yor aggression. Normally operating from the heart of a fleet, lone Aeons have been known to act as a sole naval garrison of some systems, with its murderous laser fire and swarms of fighters and attack craft enough to deter enemy aggression.

When you take a minute to look at the intricate design of this ship, it's no surprise that it's so popular on the Steam Workshop. Guy Incognito did a great job of making a ship that looks very formidable in space. Based on the information from the designer, this ship took about 21 hours to complete.

If you want to see some of the other ships that compliment the Aeon Mothership, be sure to check out the collection here: Iconian Fleet Collection


Sovereign Class [Download]
Created by Airmaster
Star Fleet Sovereign Class Heavy Cruiser.

Airmaster is another designer in the community who doesn't really need an introduction. As you can see from the Starfleet ship design, this one is coming in hot from the Star Trek universe. This is one of the many Star Trek designs you can find on the Steam Workshop. There are also a number of civilizations if you are looking to create the entire universe.

You can see more Star Trek designs from Airmaster here: Star Trek Collection


Ships, galaxy maps, civilizations and other mods are at the heart of the GalCiv community. I want to say thank you to all the creators out there who spend time making these designs!