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SC: Origins freezes after opening cutscenes

Published on Tuesday, October 6, 2020 By andrew.hawes_746386 In Star Control

I just purchased this game and was able to install it via Steam OK. It opens and runs fine, and I can customize my name and the ship name. However, after that all I get is a message saying that the rest of the supplies and crew will be on board shortly. The game just hangs there. I've left it for 5 minutes without anything changing. I click on anything, the arrow changes to an hourglass, and then the screen gets a white overlay and a message from steam saying the game is not responding. I have tried verifying files, uninstalling and reinstalling, running offline, running with AV disabled, and nothing works.

One thing I notice is that the start screen for the game (where you select new game/load game/etc.) says Star Control Earth Rising instead of Star Control Origins. I know Earth Rising is the DLC for this game that I did not purchase, and am wondering if that could be the cause of the issue - it is looking for an SC:ER file to continue instead of an SC:O file? If so how do I fix it - I don't want to spend money on DLC when I haven't even played the game yet.


Update: I tried opting in to the Beta, and it's still not working