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Civilization Series Favourite Scifi/Fantasy TC Scenarios & Mods Hunt

Published on Monday, October 26, 2020 By Blake00 In PC Gaming

Hey guys

I’m on the Hunt for big Civilization game series total conversion mods & scenarios with a particular focus on Civ2 & Civ3 (but am now expanding to Civ4, 5, 6 & spinoffs) relating to a whole bunch of my favourite fantasy & scifi movie/TV/gaming franchises. Been posting in a few different Civ forums and getting great feedback, plus whenever someone has told me about an awesome scenario that’s disappeared over the years I’ve managed to track it down and bring it back from the dead to CivFanatics/ModDB/InternetArchive hosting, so helping me has helped the community. Hell in some rare cases I’ve even filled a gap by making the scenario myself haha!

Anyway I figured it was finally time to hit some of the other communities out there for help too (since fans of Civ and these franchises are everywhere haha). Many have already been found so make sure you check my list in the link below BEFORE making suggestions to save yourself time & effort lol!


At this stage I’m looking for Civ scenarios relating to...


- Mars / Lunar Colonization

- Sid Meier's Alpha Centauri (& other alien world colonization)

- Command & Conquer / Red Alert

- Dune / Arrakis

- Master of Magic

- Sid Meier's Colonization

- Master of Orion

- Heroes of Might & Magic

- Babylon 5

- Star Trek

- Star Wars

- Stargate

- Apocalypse (After WW3 / Fallout / Mad Max / Judge Dredd / Doom / Terminator / Zombies)

- Lord of the Rings

- Game of Thrones

- The Elder Scrolls

- Warcraft & Starcraft / Warhammer & W40k

- Final Fantasy

- Civilization Crossover Mods (Make a Civ game look like another Civ game)


If you're unable to help then that's fine, as maybe my list will still help you find something cool!