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Sins Event: Sins of the Prophets – 9th January 2021

Published on Thursday, January 7, 2021 By SchismNavigator In Sins of a Solar Empire Events

Time: 9th January, 1700 UTC / 12 PM (1200) EST

Lobby Name: Community Event SOTP

Slots: 6-10

Type: PVP / PVE

This weekend we will be hosting a publicly joinable Sins community game night. We will be playing a modded game using the Halo-themed total conversion mod Sins of the Prophets. It is a fast combat-orientated mod with a focus on asymmetric gameplay between the two factions of the UNSC and Covenant.

Please be in voice chat on the Sins of a Solar Empire official discord server. The specific channel in discord will be linked when we are ready for players to join.

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