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Replays do not play out accurately

Published on Wednesday, January 27, 2021 By ral106 In Ashes of the Singularity

I am having a blast playing this game against the AI but I have noticed that when I try to watch my replays to see how I can improve, strange things start to happen. There are power generators that I took in the actual game that are not captured by me in the replay, but will be captured by other players or be neutral. Bizarrely it can change simply by restarting the same replay. I also see units that should not exist moving around the map and causing battles that never happened in the real game. These units also never die, and their hitpoints will record as negative values as they take damage. In one of my replays for example there were a few enemy units that parked right outside my base causing a never ending firefight for all 45 minutes or so of the replay.

I only play against the AI so I don't think it is an internet issue. I have tried validating game files, running in safe mode, and using Dx11 and 12.

Anyone else have this problem? It makes it kind of pointless to watch replays when much of what I see didn't even happen.