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Sins Community Tournament 2021

Published on Friday, March 5, 2021 By SchismNavigator In Sins of a Solar Empire Events

Today we are happy to announce the first Sins of a Solar Empire community tournament. This event is being organized by two volunteers on the Sins discord server; PheronPsycho and Ryceylon with support from the Stardock team.

Below we break down the rules, schedule, commentary, prizes and how to apply. If you have questions, please ask in the replies below.


  • Double Elimination - If you lose twice, you’re out of the tournament.
  • Winning Conditions - Either take out your opponent’s capital planet or have the highest number of planets by the end of the match.
  • Match Length – 2 hours, if game has not ended in that time sudden death will commence for 30 minutes to determine a winner.
  • Sudden Death - In the case of a tie, players are given 30 minutes. After those, team with the highest number of planets wins.
  • Factions - Both players must have different factions. Your team’s factions must be DM’d to PheronPsycho on Discord. Your race must be locked the day before the match.
  • Disqualification - Any form of stream sniping or cheating will lead to immediate disqualification and end of the match.


Match days will be announced a week prior to allow players and organizers a chance to discuss times and availability. If you're unable to attend at that time, contact the organizers within 48 hours of the scheduled date/time. They will rebook you for another day and time.

Please make sure you are ready to join 30 minutes before, have the correct mods activated and the tournament map loaded in the correct location. You have 15 minutes from the official start time to be present and ready in game to play. Failure will result in an automatic loss. If both teams fail to arrive, the entire match shall be rescheduled.

Target Start Date: 26 of March


There will be livestreams and VODs of the matches made available on Twitch and YouTube. Commentary will be provided by community organizers PheronPsycho and Ryceylon with occasional guest appearances by community manager Schism Navigator.


  • A flair in the official Sins of a Solar Empire Discord server.
  • A choice of one Stardock Steam keys (this can be for Sins of a Solar Empire or any other game or software we publish).

Note: Final decision on winners and prizes is the responsibility of the tournament organizers.

How to Enter

  1. Own of a copy of Sins of Solar Empire: Rebellion on Steam (one will not be provided).
  2. Apply online by going to this toornament link and enter your details.
  3. Ensure you are on the Sins of a Solar Empire Discord server.
  4. That’s it you’re signed up! Hurry up and wait to be called up.