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Graphical bug introduced after v1.40.67223

Published on Friday, March 26, 2021 By Kohr-Ah_Death In Star Control

Textures and models go from smooth and anti-aliased in 1.40.67223 to jagged and blurry in any version after.

Here are screenshots of all the aliens you meet that have a 3D model in-game...  



Some differences are minor, like the tetxures are blurred here and there, but other differences are massive, like the Tywom homeplanet representative being jagged and messy everywhere.

What I do is open a race's image for each version in a new instance of Chrome and hit Ctrl+TAB to flip through them quickly so I can see the differences.

Recently Schism Navigator has been saying it was a driver issue but I've ruled that out by using various older drivers going back to when Origins was released but with the same results.

Proof, 1.43.77154 under nVidia Driver 399.24 (Sep 5th, 2018):


1.40.67223 under nVidia driver 461.92 (Mar 10th, 2021):