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Old product key -- where to apply it?

Published on Monday, April 12, 2021 By bandophahita In Sins of a Solar Empire

I have a product key for Sins of a Solar Empire.  I bought the game back in 2009;  I think through the stardock launcher.  I unfortunately haven't played the game since maybe 2010.

I found the link to get the keys and got the email for both base game Sins and Entrenchment.  The problem is I don't know where to apply those keys.  I don't see a launcher available on the website anymore.  Am I missing it?
I noticed that purchase options on the site no longer have as the downloader so I thought maybe the keys would work via Steam, but they didn't.
I then tried to use the Download link that appears in the email but that didn't work either.  -- Base game  -- Entrenchment
Is there a link somewhere that will allow me to play the base game via stardock?  or is there some option to convert my keys to steam?