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Fences not holding icons

Published on Thursday, May 27, 2021 By bobby53342 In Personal Computing

Windows 10 Build: 2004

I am on my work domain, and some of the desktop icons are push out via group policy.   It use to be that fences would hold the icons into a fence.  But now the domain icons keep popping out of the fences and I have to put them back just for them to fall back out on next sync of the group policy.

Another issue I just had that seems related is I made a new desktop folder moved it into fence copied files to it.  Then made another folder named it and moved it into the same fence as the last one.  I then copied files into the new folder that was in the fence by dragging and dropping.  And then all of the sudden fences like flickers and when it came back the first folder was gone.  Well It was not gone but it fell outside of the fence.

Why are my icons not staying within the fences?

Any and all suggestions are welcome.