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Dread Lords Collectors Edition Content Problems

Published on Sunday, June 13, 2021 By 13laster In Galactic Civilizations II

So recently I picked up a used copy of Galciv2 Dread Lords: collectors edition which comes with additional parts for the in-game ship builder. My problem is that I cannot download the content from the link on the card which came with the game. The main problem being the website is throwing me for a loop. ( prompts me to sign in which I consistently attempt to do, to no avail with no clear errors or blocks. I hit the login button and the site refreshes but I'm still not logged in. If I choose to register a new account I'm taken to the stardock main website which I can sign into easily, but it doesn't keep the sign in data over the two sites so when I go back to I'm stuck. Unable to login and as far as I can tell with nowhere else to enter the key on the card to get the ship parts.

This has been a lot to go through for something as simple as extra ship parts, the entire reason I hunted down the old collectors edition in the first place. If someone can offer anything on this, even a community for better support it would be appreciated.