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Sins of a Solar Empire Rebellion wont start.

Published on Wednesday, November 3, 2021 By archbald2003 In Sins of a Solar Empire

Every time I launch I get some glitchy noises like a warped version of the opening noise and then it goes black and crashes. I tried the following;

Turn on/off Legacy components in control panel / programs / turn windows features on or off, Uninstall and reinstall, verifying game files, Disable full screen optimisations in the application files properties, went into the settings notepad and changed the resolution to 1366x768 manually, disable anti virus, disable firewalls, and finally run in windows 8 compatibility mode

That all made it run then played with a mate and it worked normally then installed sins of the prophets and it worked for 20 minutes. It booted me out of the multiplayer match and back into the title screen with the multiplayer ui still up then crashed hard enough I needed task manager.

Upon relaunching the same glitchy start up happened but this time with the sins of prophets error message which said to uninstall and reinstall the game, just try launching again, and ask for help.

I tried all the same fixes as before but this time with going into the mod settings notepad changing it so that it didnt try and activate any mods and deleted the mod. that yielded the same results but with the normal error message. Reinstalled the mod and same results, changed the mods notepad and same results.

Every time I verify the files it always says atleast 1 file is missing and replaces it whenever I try and start it again.

This happens no matter if I launch through steam or through the application file in file explorer, Im on windows 10 rn. Anyone help would be greatly appreciated cause Im out of ideas.