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A new sins, dlc and trailer idea

Published on Thursday, January 6, 2022 By badboysword In Stardock Games

the trailer

I think the trailer should start with the end of the intro about if the warning is true. (fades out) (fades in) the warning is true. Then three new portraits fades in.

Races names lose ideas


Race 1.Faceless terror

Created by the visair (pardon spelling mistake) a race created to stop the terrains but went against their creators meaning their own destruction. Prefer pulse beams and lasers 



1.Extremely powerful Sheilds 

2.Powerful combat research

3.Strong ships

4. 6 weapons on capital ships 4 on cruisers and 2 on frigates

5. Strong starbase



1.Very weak hull

2. Weak economy research 

3. Weak titan

4. Very slow

5. Weak weapons



Race 2. Reapers 

Reapers are similar to the advent apart from they are powerful vampires where their weapons can drain shields from enemy ships. Prefer beams and missiles weapons.



1. Powerful Shields

2. Decent weapons

3. Strong armour

4. Weapons can drain shields and recharge their own



1. Slow recharge of shields and Hull repair

2. Starbase is expensive 

3. Captial ships are expensive


Race 3. Terrains

Terrains are the most powerful race from the visair home galaxy and was confused with the TEC. An ancient race that is humanoid in nature but are ruthless and takes no prisoners. Ships are similar to the TEC in style.



1.Extremely strong Hull and armour

2. Starbase can take on fleets

3. Powerful firepower

4. Fast speed



1. Limited fighters and bombers

2. High space usage for defence buildings

3. Titan is twice expensive 


New game idea 

Sins of a solar empire : the new era

Based on 200 years later

War has settled until the new rebellion started.

New ships and buildings and research 

New ship type: leviathan.





1. Can take on titans and fleets alike

2. Extremely powerful defences

3. High aircraft



1. Takes four crew count and double titan supply count

2. Very expensive

3. Very slow

4. Slow build rate

5. Slow fire rate


 Research just some increase to crew and supply count and weapons.

Capital ships are cruisers

Titan is one of the capital ships

New titan

Old Frigates and cruisers have their own factor (takes no supply count due to being drones)

New frigates and cruisers

New capital ships.


This is just a lose idea.

Hope you like the idea


Also on reddit. I'm known as idealistjohn93 there