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Missing features

Published on Friday, January 28, 2022 By jhanglyn In Galactic Civilizations IV

Forgive me if this is brief doing this on my phone..

Features i think that are needed..

Ability to edit planet sponsors for your starship constructor.

Ability to edit planet sponsor for colonies.

Ability to see which planet you are pulling colonists from when your sending out your constructor or colonist.

Some sort of color coded tell to show what each characteristic is for each colonist when trying to select colonist.

For in system colonization..  have that be a job on core planet to colonize in system/move pop in system.  I.e. you can still do it the ole fashioned way.. but should be easier to move pop.

For colonies...  we need a better way of leveraging their special resources..  either have some sort of way to buy an upgrade to net that resource or have a job at their core colony to enhance that colony to provide that resource.

maybe have their core colony have production jobs that let them enhace their colonies?  Send a pop to enable more features etc?