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Demigod Input Delay

Published on Tuesday, April 19, 2022 By knight000006 In Demigod

I was hoping I could get some information and hopefully (fingers crossed) a fix for something I noticed after playing this game again after so many years. 

As per this Steam forum discussion and this forum post, there appears to be a large delay in game between when I click and when my Demigod follows my action. I don't appear to have any hardware issues, and even reviewing old Youtube videos, this delay seems to be inherent to the game and 'working as intended.' I can right click on a spot, the circle on the ground will immediately appear with no delay to show that the game has received my input, but my Demigod will not move to follow my command until a very noticeable amount of time has passed.

If the Steam forum post is to be believed, this is a 350ms delay that was coded into the game due to hardware limitations of the time. I would like to, firstly, know if this is the case, and secondly, know of a way that could remedy this issue if one exists. Perhaps there is a mod that simply isn't included in the typical mod discussions, or maybe some game code shenanigans that could be manipulated to lessen or remove this delay.

I am aware this is a long-shot, but Demigod is an old love of mine. Thank you to anyone who can help or even just provide information!