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GalCiv IV Review/Let's Play Round-up

Published on Thursday, April 28, 2022 By redskittlesonly In GalCiv IV News

As reviews and let's plays start rolling in, we will share some of our favorites here.


88/100, COG Connected
"There’s been a lot of innovation in strategy games in the last few years, and Galactic Civilizations IV is not a revolution. It’s a sequel, bigger, neater, and smoother. All the things a sequel hopes to be. With so many new, fizzy strategy games, it’s nice to see a long-running series retain its core and its spirit. Galactic Civilizations IV is safe and deeply playable."


8.5/10, Softpedia
"Galactic Civilizations IV offers a deep experience, carefully designed to appeal to players who want mostly classical 4X mechanics in space."


"Even with Prestige victories in the mix, this is a “one more turn” time-eater, with games played on the fastest settings still potentially taking 20 hours or more. Add the ability to craft your own spacecraft and full mod support to the mix, and you have a sturdy vessel that should serve space explorers for a long time."


8/10, PCGamesN
"This new space 4X nails the balance between exploration, resource management, and combat mechanics while catering to almost any playstyle."


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