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Old purchased game. I no longer have access to it.

Published on Saturday, August 13, 2022 By Titicaca2142434 In PC Gaming

Purchased DEMIGOD years ago. Im trying to get my software again. but I cannot. 

All persnal info was edited. this is my e receipt. 


I cant seem to even contact Stardock? Like how do I even go about getting my software again? Or am I not.?


Your order from Impulse (Stardock) was successful.

Your order number is: 87***998****



Sold To:
My address.
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Demigod (Digital Download) Quantity: 1 $9.97  
************************************************ (Install Impulse and logon to download)

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  Total $10.57 USD


Demigod (Digital Download)
Thank you for ordering Demigod!

Your order has been processed and you now have access to Demigod.

Here is what you need to download and install Demigod:

How do I download Demigod?

Demigod will only be available via Impulse:

Log in to Impulse using your Impulse account (what you use to log in to any of Stardock's sites and forums).