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GamePass - Achievements won't unlock

Published on Monday, August 29, 2022 By Z792 In Offworld Support

Hello! With the recent release of OTC on the Microsoft Store & GamePass, I've had a blast diving into the game. However, it looks like there are 32 achievements that are bugged and do not unlock. All achievements for completing missions and scenarios work fine, but every single miscellaneous achievement seems to be bugged. This includes:

- A Good Virus - Also, Hexes - At Any Cost - Bargain Bin - Boom! - Call of Booty - Clairvoyance - Defensive Measures - Dogpile - Double Boost - Double Geotherm! - Hologram Down - Hologram Found - I Drink Your Milkshake - Just In Time - Majority Buyout - Maximum Surge - Mind Games - No Fly Zone - Not So Fast - Nuked! - Orange Juice Futures - Resources Found - Rubbing It In - Scum and Villainy - Shift Click - Stolen Patent - Take It Back - The Dorian - Triple Geotherm!!! - Turing Test - Turn of the Lights

Myself and other players have tried everything we can think of to get these to unlock including:

Fulfilling the requirements in every single-player game mode (Skirmish, Campaign, scenarios, & DLC)
Fulfilling the requirements in every multiplayer game-mode (ranked & lobby games)

Given that there have been 0 unlocks so far, it's likely that these currently are not unlockable on the GamePass version of the game. Is there hope for a fix?