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Published on Monday, September 5, 2022 By wwatling In GalCiv III Support

OK, not sure what I am missing here. I have ships all around, surrounding the HyperGate. If any try to enter it, there is a battle and it is destroyed. Game ends with DEFEATED Splash on Screen.  I have the TAS Valkyrie Ship next to the hypergate. If I try to enter it, again, it is destroyed. Game ends in DEFEAT.  I also have the ARS Last Hope near the hypergate. Same thing happens it I try to enter, Game ends in DEFEAT. I have even tried combining them into a fleet and using the two ships together to enter, but with the same DEFEATED result.

I should also mention, that I have conquered all but one of the Thalen planets and have star bases all over the map so it is almost completely mine, with the exception of Calipso II, the Thalen Capitol. However, after several additional turns, their last planet (Calipso)  defects to my side, then next turn the game ends in DEFEAT. I've even tried building my own hypergate near the Thalen gate, but am unable to connect mine to anything to go anywhere.

What am I doing wrong? How do I get that dang shard thru the (or a) hypergate? I, for the life of me, just can't think of anything else.

Please Help!?