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preferred settings Gal Civ 4 ( newbie )

Published on Friday, October 7, 2022 By androzz In Stardock Games

Hello everyone,


I bought Gal Civ 4 last weekend and having a blast learning and playing. I have played Gal Civ 3 years ago but never got really deep into it but have a basic understanding of most concepts.


What im wondering though is what galaxy setting most people would suggest for beginners.

Last night i played in 1 cluster with the biggest galaxy size and 8 other AI's - while it taught me a bit about how the AI reacts i found i ran out of space quickly. The substream space seems intruiging but im probably going to get steamrolled by the AI who discovers it first.

I have 16gb of ram and an i7 processor in case it helps - i noticed turns took up to about 7ish seconds in year 23... so i guess the slowdown happens fast.. but i had 8 AI's so...


Also, do most tutorials on Gal Civ 3 still apply ? I found out there isn't alot of general info on 4 yet and im kind of struggling with influence and starbases. Do i build them in my planetarea or right next to it ?


The same goes for colonies and core worlds. I know anything under 20 is best left as a colony... but what if i have two +20 worlds right near eachother is it still worth it to develop both?


Also can i rearange what colony supplies to what world or is it only the nearest one?


Anyways, thanks for reading and possibly replying to a noob.