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Microsoft and Steam Store Multiplayer

Published on Friday, October 7, 2022 By 2Spade In Sins of a Solar Empire

After the latest update, it did not appear that my friends and I could connect if one of us was using the Microsoft Store version and someone else was using the Steam version despite having the same version number.  The error was "Your Executable Differs from the Host's"

This previous worked, with one of my friends hosting a game through Steam and me joining via the Microsoft store version. 

The version numbers appear the same (1.975), but the Steam version shows the DLC's below the version number (Forbidden Worlds, Stellar Phenomena, Outlaw Sectors, Minor Factions) and the Microsoft store version did not.  

I bought the game a second time so I could earn my Xbox Live Achievements with my friends - wanted to see if these versions are going to be compatible again?