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Error when launching game after purchasing dlc (PC Gamepass)

Published on Saturday, October 29, 2022 By cheshiremulisha In Galactic Civilizations III

Hi, I've just purchased the Intrigue dlc for GC3 on pc gamepass/windows store. But now when I launch the game I get a large grey box in the top left of the screen that says: Error: Unable to read data from file. 

With the options to: Continue, Copy to Clipboard Skip or Quit

Continue just produces more of the same grey boxes, quit quits the game. If I choose Skip the game will eventually load but as soon as I colonize a 2nd planet and I'm asked to choose a government, the choose government screen is blank so I can't select anything to progress the game.


Things I've tried. I've tried to reset and repair the application from within windows. I've deleted the RebuildData.ini file and then the entire GC3Crusade folder from my documents. I've also tried uninstalling the game and the dlc and reinstalling them. 

None of them work. Please help!