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Problem with downloading from Order History

Published on Saturday, February 18, 2023 By crass_monkey In Other Stardock Games

Hi Stardock,

A number of years ago I bought several games from you folks and have very fond memories of playing them. I was looking to revisit the games, and so I tried to download them from my order history. Unfortunately, I haven't had any luck.

Chrome won't even start to download them, and so I dug out Edge and tried there - and it worked, sort of. I now have several large files downloaded, but they won't transition out of crdownload format, no matter how long I leave them (it's been hours now). Edge says the downloads are long since complete - that is, it the download progress bar is full, the download list shows them as "downloaded", and the crdownload files aren't getting any bigger - but if I try to close Edge it says that the downloads are still in progress.

I noticed in the download link the term "badurl" is buried in there (in all of them, one example below), which makes me suspicious... but since that's about where my technical expertise ends, it doesn't help me much.;badurl=aHR0cHM6Ly93d3cu.../setup/Sins_Diplomacy_1.37_setup.exe

I'd really love to give Sins of a Solar Empire and GalCiv2 a replay, so any help you can offer would be much appreciated.