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GalCiv IV: Supernova Dev Journal #8 - The Supernova Crisis

Published on Friday, March 31, 2023 By Frogboy In GalCiv IV Dev Journals

In the year 2245, the Terran Alliance and their coalition had emerged victorious in a battle against the Drengin Empire, thanks to the recovery of a mysterious Precursor weapon.

The Thalans, an advanced civilization that claimed to be from a nightmare future where humans were responsible for the destruction of the entire Milky Way galaxy, persuaded the humans to send the Precursor weapon back into the void of the pocket dimension it had been previously sent to. Shortly after, the Thalan Empire disappeared, never to be seen again, despite having been part of the galactic scene for almost a century.

The peace enforced upon the Drengin Empire was harsh. Its once-mighty military was stripped and was only allowed a handful of scientific exploration vessels. Its companion world, Kona, was occupied by the United Planets, now dominated by the humans of the Terran Alliance.

This time became known as the Long Peace. For half a century, the galaxy had virtually no conflict, and the Drengin seemed content with their much-diminished position in the known galaxy.

However, the Drengin Empire was not idle during that time. In fact, they had found a crashed mapping ship of a species known as the Navigators. These beings had developed technology to discover and navigate the subspace streams that connected the sectors of the galaxy together. These subspace streams allowed them to quickly visit the other sectors.

The Drengin, armed with the ability to visit other sectors, used this to secretly rebuild and re-arm themselves. While Drengi Prime and its occupied sister world of Kona appeared docile and unarmed, the Drengin had found and conquered another world in the Vela Sector and used it as a launchpad to acquire the resources needed to rebuild their military might.

The peace the galaxy had enjoyed came to a sudden end in 2307 when the Drengin Empire arrived at Kona with a substantial military force and ejected the occupying force from the United Planets. While the Drengin Empire's military power was a shadow of its former self, it was still formidable because the other civilizations, including the Terran Alliance, had dramatically reduced their militaries in this new era of peace.

The breakdown of peace and stability also resulted in the disbanding of the United Planets itself. It did not take long for the other worlds to figure out how the Drengin had accomplished their sudden growth. Moreover, the Navigators, now aware of the threat, were able to use their technology to make the subspace stream entrances invisible to all but themselves. However, this would be a temporary measure as it would only be a matter of time before the Drengin and the other civilizations developed technology to overcome this obstacle.

Worse, the Drengin colony, now cut off from the rest of the galaxy, encountered another civilization known as the Prisimari, a crystal-based species that uses a technology that causes stars to go supernova. The Prisimari do not use their technology as a weapon but as a way to harvest stars for rare resources. However, the Drengin saw it as a way to develop Terror Stars, massive starbases that can destroy the stars of enemies.

This brings us to the year 2317 and a new space race. The powers of the Orion sector such as the Terrans, Arceans, Altarians, Torians, Iconians, Krynn, and Yor are about to encounter a host of new civilizations. The civilizations that develop the ability to detect and utilize Subspace Streaming will find themselves able to travel to vastly distant areas of the galaxy. Those who fail or are slow to achieve this ability will be left behind in a galaxy that will soon have civilizations that can cause the stars of their enemies to go supernova.

The emergence of the Prisimari and their technology has added a new level of complexity and danger to this space race. The Prisimari are a formidable opponent with their crystal-based bodies and advanced technology. The potential weaponization of their technology, known as Terror Stars, has caused great concern across the galaxy, and negotiations are ongoing to prevent its spread.

The situation is delicate, and any misstep could have catastrophic consequences. There are growing concerns that the technology may fall into the wrong hands and lead to an era of conflict and turmoil in the galaxy. Some have even suggested a preemptive strike to eliminate the threat before it becomes too great. However, others argue that this would only serve to escalate the conflict and potentially lead to catastrophic consequences.

As the age of Galactic Civilizations IV: Supernova begins, the future of the galaxy is uncertain. The potential for conflict looms large, but there is also the possibility of peaceful coexistence and cooperation. Only time will tell what lies ahead for the Orion sector and the galaxy as a whole. 


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