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Folder labels on taskbar with Start11

Published on Friday, March 3, 2023 By nitro912gr In Personal Computing

Hello I'm trying right now Start11 and it have helped me a lot getting back a better windows experience. The bigger thing I was looking for was to bring back the non combined icons with text labels on the taskbar.

However there is a drawback here that I wonder if there is some setting that I missed, I don't even remember the way it was in W10 but I still wonder if I can do something about it with Start11. Once I have folders open in the taskbar, instead of the folder name, the label try to give the full path. As of that since all my folders of work are in my onedrive, all the folders display D:\onedrive\... or maybe the start of the second folder.

Is there an option in Start11 for this? if not, is there a possibility to add this? Maybe it wasn't in W10 but it could be helpful.

Thank you!